The Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship: Vol 2, No 2 (2013)
Vol 3, No 1 (June 2014)                                                                                                      

Table of Contents


Preparing the Next Generation of Higher Education Faculty in Special Education
        Laurie U. deBettencourt, Ph.D.

  01   Abstract
Addressing social, emotional, and organizational goals for a child
with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using the Cognitive
Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) approach
        Gina M. Czmowski, Shea L. Willert, and Sarah K. Nielsen

  02   Abstract
Sources of Stress among Parents of Children with Intellectual
Disabilities: A Preliminary Investigation in Saudi Arabia
        Mubarak S. Aldosari and Lisa A. Pufpaff, Ph.D.

  03   Abstract
Blindness and Selective Mutism: One Student's Response to Voice-Output Devices
        Mary Holley, Ashli Johnson, and Tina Herzberg

  04   Abstract
Developing an Understanding of Quadratics through the Use of
Concrete Manipulatives: A Case Study Analysis of the Metacognitive
Development of a High School Student with Learning Disabilities
        Tricia K Strickland, Ph.D.

  05   Abstract
Perceptions towards Special Education of Japanese Parents of Children with Special Needs in the United States
        Yuki Ikezaki, M.S., Janice Myck-Wayne, Ed.D., Adrian W. Jung, Ph.D.

  06   Abstract
"Tengo que habla español. Yo no entiendo ingles!": A qualitative case study on a bilingual child with Autism Spectrum Conditions
        Hyun Uk Kim and Marilyn Roberti

  07   Abstract