The Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship: Vol 5, No 1 (2016)
Vol 5, No 1 (June 2016)                                                                                                      

Table of Contents


Effects of Teacher Praise on Attending Behaviors and Academic Achievement of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
        Andrew M. Markelz M. Ed, & Jonte C. Taylor Ph.D.

  01   Abstract
Response to Intervention vs. Severe Discrepancy Model: Identification of Students with Specific Learning Disabilities
        Gina Armendariz, Ed.D., & Adrian Jung, Ph.D.

  02   Abstract
Implications of State Policy Changes on Mental Health Service Models for Students with Disabilities
        Janelle E. Lawson, & Jennifer L. Cmar

  03   Abstract
Youth Residing in Out-of-Home Placements: Examination of Behavior and Academic Achievement
        Calli G. Lewis & Lyndal M. Bullock

  04   Abstract